O'Brate Stadium

I am really looking forward to getting over to Stillwater this week to see O’Brate Stadium. I’ve spoken to some people who have been to the best college ballparks and they’ve all said it is as nice as the best SEC parks. I’ve read some reports that it might have cost closer to $70 million, but $60 million is the figure that has been roundly reported. That is in line with the cost of the overhaul to Dudy-Noble.

It is amazing to see how far OSU has come from Allie P. Reynolds Stadium. It was always odd to see all of the plaques there that depicted OSU’s great baseball tradition in such a run-down stadium. It reminded me of Arizona State’s situation before it moved to an off-campus stadium.

Below is a video tour of the OSU baseball facilities, which were all built as part of the ballpark. Skip ahead to 7:50 to see inside the ballpark.

Looks like it would seat more than 3500.

There are 3,500 chair-back seats. I don’t think that takes into consideration the seating in suites or some other areas. Capacity can be expanded to 8,000.

Oklahoma State’s attendance reported to the NCAA is an average of 5,302 per game.

Do you know how many tickets UA received to distribute to Hog fans?

Very clean, very nice.

I think the NCAA requires each team to receive 200 tickets.

I’m sure we will have more than that in there though right??

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I know several hog fans who live in Tulsa. Stillwater is closer to them than Baum. I’m sure they’ll be there. Fayetteville is as close to Stillwater as it is Little Rock. I’m confident a whole lot of NWA fans will attend. So while this won’t be like playing at BWS, it won’t be bad. Just need the team to show up.

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Hitters or pitchers park? Distance to right, center, left field fences?

Oklahoma State season-ticket holders and boosters are going to get first chance at tickets. Whatever is not sold to them will go on sale to the general public Wednesday morning.

At a regional, tickets are in abundance for the games that don’t involve the home team. There are going to be a lot of OSU fans who buy weekend pass books who are going to be trying to offload tickets to the Arkansas-Grand Canyon game on Friday.

If there is an Arkansas-Oklahoma State game Saturday, you’ll have to buy on the secondary market. So if there are a lot of Arkansas fans at those games it will be because they paid a handsome amount to be there.

It is a little bit bigger than Baum and a little smaller than the Hoover Met — 331 feet to left, 402 feet to center and 325 feet to right.

I’m told it’s more of a hitter’s park and the wind blows out this time of year. Oklahoma State had a player hit a home run 513 feet a few weeks ago.

Wow I think they’ve got some physical specimens on that team so I wouldn’t doubt it.

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