Obnoxious team troll of Miss State

During last night’s game there was a scoreboard display between innings. (I wish that I had recorded it.) It was a comparison of the state of Mississippi to Arkansas, the team mascots, and it compared several other things. The whole thing might have been worthy of some Facebook post, but it was highly inappropriate for a video board during a game.

I sent an email to Oliver Grigg and to Kevin Trainer. I let them know that our entire tailgate was disgusted and asked for an apology to be made to the Mississippi State team.

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I didn’t see it.
Must of been during one of my many bathroom trips

I can relate.

I didn’t see the troll in question, but given my antipathy for the third world country known as Mississippi, and Moo U in particular, I probably would have thought it was hilarious.

I saw it. It was the first time I had ever seen anything of that nature on the video board at an Arkansas baseball game.

I think it started with MLB players who were previously at Arkansas and Mississippi State. Then it evolved into something like Arkansas has six Fortune 500 companies and Mississippi has zero. I was kind of surprised something like that played during a game.

That is really odd. Never seen anything like that before.

Why would you want to so blatantly motivate the other team?


I got a response from Kevin:

Good Morning! Oliver passed along your e-mail as well as his area is not responsible for the content on the videoboard.

I did not see the scoreboard feature live, but have and will address it with the appropriate parties. I am in agreement that it did not align with what our program is about.

We have a great gameday team that works hard to create an exciting atmosphere at Baum-Walker Stadium. In this case, we missed the mark.

See you later this evening.

Go Hogs!



That is classless, drop it in the mail next time…

Didn’t see it on tv, but if Marty had that reaction, I’m glad she complained. The UA has no place doing so.


We’re better than that.

No reason for that kind of stuff. Thank you Marty!

Many likely had a similar response, but Marty took action and leadership in displaying moral indignation. Courage stands out and is appreciated.

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