Obanor just tweeted

And the question is not answered.

I’m not sure of the question you are thinking about. But, the first thing that popped into my mind was playing time and so much depth here compared to out at Lubbock. I’m sure he’d be the big dog with a lot more playing time out there.

The question is where he’s going. I honestly didn’t think I’d have to spell it out.

Exactly. Especially when everyone has either assumed, or been told that Kevin has decided already for Texas Tech. Just seems really strange. He was quick to announce a top 10, then quickly a top 4, then quickly a top 2. Then everyone including national recruits say it’s over and he is headed to TT. Then this tweet. I figure there is quite a bit going on behind the scenes. Would be interesting to know if we are still intensely recruiting him, or if Muss is at the point of “Hey man, we need to know something?”

I would guess from my knowledge of Muss that we’re still intensely recruiting. If KO goes to Tech we may leave that scholarship open but he’s trying to fill it.

I don’t even know what to make of the tweet.

I had assumed it was already a done deal that he had decided on TT. Didn’t know it was still up in the air.

He’s holding up 2 fingers. Just saying no decision yet. Actually if you count the little finger, maybe he’s added a 3rd team.

Well in searching “gangsta slang” symbols, it says that sign when turned sideways is called “deuces”. So, I assume he’s saying still 2 standing.

I could have sworn I saw it here on HI that he had decided on TT, but can’t find it now.

There were tweets from Adam Zagoria and others that it was Tech but obviously those were a tad premature.

I think someone said it on here, and Dudley replied Kevin hasn’t said anything, yet

Obanor is as smart as all get out. He’s playing the NIL game to its finest. The more he tweets, the more followers he gets. The more followers, the more he can monetize himself. None of this is about where is the best school or who is best coach. This is all about $$$$$. He and his folks are really doing a good job. His next move is a no context Tik Tok video.

I believe that. Therefore JB Hunt, Tyson, and/or Walmart need to approach his agent

Looks like he’s holding up 3 fingers (with the thumb and ring finger excluded). I’m guessing this was taken after he hit a 3 for ORU, and the uniform has been photo shopped.

Sound like it’s going to be KO to TTech, unfortunately, based off of 'Net chatter, but it seems perhaps Zagoria and other media folks let the cat out of the bag before Mr. Obanor wanted.

Maybe he is trying to figure out the upside down Horns Sign. Since he could be in the neighborhood with AR or Ttech.

The question with that, of course, is do the people engaging in the net chatter have a freaking clue? That remains to be seen.

Most don’t. But there’s a few that have access to reliable info.

He is going to Texas Tech. Has been decided for a number of days now.

Tumbleweed Motors hasn’t finished detailing the F-150.