Oats: Miller patdown was TSA simulation

That he was cleared for takeoff.

In other fake news, the moon is made of green cheese and SMU has never had a recruiting violation.

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wonder how long it took the PR Department at Alabama to come up with that angle?they just keep stepping deeper and deeper into their mess,at first he said he didn’t pay attention as he was drawing up plays…now its a TSA imitation?

The pat down by TSA, if you are singled out for one, is still for weapons.


Yep, it keeps getting sillier.

I thought it was a tickle fight. I was way off.

Seems a risky proposition for somebody who got their rear in trouble making stupid statements to continue talking. Being someone whose career involved interviewing and assessing people, my general rule of thumb was, the longer one talked, the more explanations given for things gone wrong and relying on deflection in giving explanations sent up red flags. Reminds me of a guy I once worked with, he would tell a lie when the truth would have worked better!

MAN! I wish we had beaten them on Saturday.


Apparently there is no public relations people on the payroll. Wow…

And the Alabama school admins refuse to take the shovel away that Oats is using to bury himself.

I wish I’d had a coach that believed every excuse I ever made for doing something stupid.


Oates changing his story now…first he says he wasn’t aware of pat-down during player intros …then he says he was aware of it…

Nate Oates will be prominently featured in future Public Speaking classes around the the world on what absolutely not to say when the microphone is placed in front of your face.

If you had been a 5 star player then most excuses would have worked. :grin:

Well then, let’s just Roll Tide with this theme. Next time he’s introduced, how bout a full body cavity search?

Is there anyone at Bummer telling Oats to stop digging the hole? Even at Bummer, there is just so much they will tolerate. If Oats starts to become too big a liability, they will sacrifice him. For what he has done and failed to do, I hope he keeps digging and gets the boot.

In my opinion, its all just a song and dance slow play. He is eventually going to be charged and they know it. There is enough juice around Bama that they can play the system and keep Miller eligible for the NCAA. They only need a month to hit paydirt with him. Everyone knows how slow the wheels of justice turn. The powers at Bama want it to turn just slow enough to reach the finish line then they know Miller is gone for the NBA pastures.

For me its very very simple. If someone calls me late at night and aske me to bring them a gun, I’m gonna say NO. I don’t care who it is. PERIOD. If they want it that bad, they can come and get it, then my hands are clean. Any rational person knows… ANYONE KNOWS… you don’t ask for a gun after midnight unless something is going down. So to stand there and say “I had no idea what he was going to do” makes you a liar.

Still the whole point in all of this… is not about the criminal charges which may or may not happen to Miller. The Bama admin should have suspended everyone involved pending investigation. They choose to err on the side of winning though and its taken a big bite out of their a$$ from a PR standpoint. They know it and the nation knows it. Now all they can do is ride it until its done and try to spin the best light possible.