Oats doubles down on Miller

Color me shocked.


When you’ve put yourself in a corner……you have to double down. I never thought I’d see the day that a coach in the SEC would be more disliked than Cal or Pearl. He’s catching heat from all corners (except the PTB in Tuscaloosa).


Do we know all the facts? Feels like this story has been a moving target.

Several folks here in Tuscaloosa I thought would be upset by Miller’s and Oat’s actions just said “Fred, that’s their culture. It’s a culture thing.”

and…if Bama whips us Saturday those same folks (from my Sunday School class) will gladly yell that Bama cheer “Hey Hawgs! Hey Hawgs! We just beat the Heck out of you!”, because it’s their culture.

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Just read the police report and explain how a coach can say he’s in no trouble.


Yep Fred. I feel for you. That Rama Jama yell is worse than the cowbells. No class at all. Culture….exactly.


It is not clear to me what is right from a legal sense, a little clearer from a moral sense, but not sure meeting either standard is all that important for Oats or the Alabama contingent. I wish I could say this mindset was random or an aberration, but sadly it is not. We have all heard that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but seems right or wrong may be similar.

If one looks at some (sports world only) examples there is a pretty safe landing sport when one runs afoul of behavioral and sometimes legal norms. In the Coaching world, a successful coach makes so much money that bad behavior that sits one on the sideline and costs them a job usually suffer a short sentence and generally is financially capable of surviving their time in the penalty box. There are enough Auburns out there for the low lifes with a little coaching talent to land on their feet. A sad state, in my opinion.


Who is the “their” in this case? Black folks? This is not aimed at you Tusch. Its an honest question. Are folks saying “oh, black folks just shoot one another?” Meaning its ok to let Miller play? That makes my blood boil even more. And I didn’t think i could get more pissed at “the school that must not be named.”

Stereotyping doesn’t help. Nor justify anything. OMG. I need a beer. And I’m too sick to go get one. And I am out at home. Crap.

I think invoking Swine’s nickname is appropriate here. “Murderer’s Row”

What scum.


That should say, “we have been faking it seriously from day 1”

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Sorry, haven’t seen the police report and not been able to find it. Do you have a link?

Jason Whitlock has an interesting take on this matter. Is he stereotyping or is it the culture? Maybe “THE CULTURE”.

Come on, hogmaestro, where did that come from? I don’t know about the skin color of you or Tusch or any of the other contributors to this board, and I don’t think that it matters a lot to most of us. Let’s please try to keep our discourse focused on the matters at hand and not steer such dialogue off into controversial germane areas that can cause us to not remain friends. (I have reread the post of Sir Tusch several times, and unless pushed I can find no justification for your conclusion about underlying meanings.)


I watched “Help” again earlier in the week and it occurs to me the culture fit might be a piece of Minny’s pie for Oats. I realize Tuscaloosa is a little east of the Mississippi line but the same heavy dose of denial resides is our Southern DNA and sometimes a 2x4 or its equivalent is required to “do the right thing”.

It is difficult to imagine what possible words could have been shared between Oats, his AD and the President of the University of Alabama for reaching consensus in justification for Miller continuing to play.

Goodman’s column: Goodman: Jamea Harris family hurting after comments by Alabama’s Nate Oats - al.com

There is the court of law and the court of human decency. Miller may prevail in his vulnerability in the court of law, but Oats has already earned his sentence in the court of human decency. I suspect neither Miller nor Oats will suffer any consequences for their roles in the tragedy that happened both in the terrible murder and the tone deaf responses.

Miller didn’t break any laws. He has not been charged. He is not a suspect but a witness. He didn’t own the gun and he didn’t hand over the gun to the shooter and unless someone can prove otherwise, he had no prior knowledge a crime was about to be committed. So I agree that he should continue to play.

I like the way GameDay crew handled this.

That was only in the defense attorney’s statement. It was not in the police report. It was also reported that Miller’s text included that the gun was loaded. He couldn’t have known it was loaded unless he touched the gun. We won’t know which was correct unless the actual texts are released to the public.


The reports I read say the loaded part is what in what Miles said to Davis. I have not seen a text where Miller said it was loaded. In fact the text chain I saw shows no response from Miller. Timeline shows Miller received the text about the gun while he was driving to pick up Miles.

If Miller’s attorney is wrong, it will come out in the trial. DA cannot dispute it now before the trial. But attorneys usually don’t make mistakes like that. Again, if what you are saying is true they would have charged him, wouldn’t they?

We will see.

A lot of stuff to be determined, but one thing for sure, unless you know differently, the kid was not studying for his hunter safety course.

But as I understand it, information relevent to their star player has already been determined and he is blameless of all wrong doing (oh, sorry, he was “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.).

I would like to see the police report also. So much “information” out there, but hard to determine what is fact and what is just social media rambling. Also, does anyone know how they went about finding the murder weapon which I heard (right or wrong) had disappeard from the crime scene and mysteriously was found in another of the player’s room afterwards?