O.T.--Cosmic Crisp Apple

For those of you who really like apples, there is a new variety that is supposed to be the very best. It is called Cosmic Crisp, and is supposed to be better (and to me it certainly is) than the current favorite of Honeycrisp. You may not be able to find them in all areas yet (much heavier crop to come in next year and beyond), but I have found them here in Baton Rouge. Currently they are grown primarily in Washington and Oregon.

Got them at my Kroger in Little Rock. They are good but I like Fuji’s a little bit better.


I tried one last week and loved it! About equal to the best honey crisps, which have been my favorite for a few years

Any discussion of the best apples in the cosmos begins and ends with Arkansas Blacks. I will however keep an eye out for these new challengers.

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Have you ever had a SweeTango? Generically known as Minneiska, it’s a cross between Honeycrisp and Zestar. Those are hard to beat in my book.

I was a honey crisp only guy, but since hearing about Hollywood types investing in Honey Crisp orchards in New Zealand the last few years, I’ve been searching for other apples. Twice now I’ve found Cosmic Crisps in Walmart in Sherwood. Everyone was better than any of the last 30 or 40 Honey Crisps I’ve eaten. Glad to hear that they were developed at Washington St Univ and for now, at least, are primarily grown in Washington and Oregon.

Over the last 5 years or so, as more and more novices got into growing Honey Crisp apples, they’ve begun to get sketchy. You buy half a dozen, and a couple will always be under par.

I agree. And my experience is honeycrisp is much less expensive.

I am fine with honeycrisp, but love pink lady apples. I make a salad with fine, long slivers of pink lady apples. It will change your life. :smile:

I do some things OK. I make steak, baked potato and salad that will make most happy. I can make apple pancakes (almost like crepes) for desert.

I’ve even got a secret appetizer that I don’t always show. As you know, I’m not a Texas Longhorn fan, but I do think Earl Campbell hot links are darn good. You can move up to the red hot links, but I find that the regular hot links are enough fire.

If I really want to get fancy, I’ll sear some scallops to go with the steaks to make a pretty good surf and turf.

See I do more than just tie ruby midges. I have skills.


Slice cored apple into thin slices. Mix with butter, raw sugar, and cinnamon. Microwave. Roll your apple pancakes right out of the skillet (yep, they are thin with finely chopped apple, beaten egg whites, etc. in them) with thin butter slices and powdered sugar in the center of the roll. Serve with the above hot apple mixture over them. Dessert heck, that’s my breakfast with crisp fried bacon slices.

That’s close to what my dad taught me and we asked for on special mornings. He chopped the apples and added them to the batter. A little extra milk to make it thinner (and like crepes). After you bring them out of the skillet, add the butter and sprinkle on sugar and then cinamon. Generally, I put two on a plate. It is as good as it sounds.

So glad you brought Arkansas Blacks up eagle. I’ve never tried one and until a previous co-worker a few years back introduced me to the name, I had never heard of such.She went on and on about how delicious they were. My question is since I’m here in Tennessee (Nashville area) what’s the possibility of me coming into contact with some of those apples? I even searched on the net a few years ago for insight on buying the seedlings and growing a tree in my yard but kept running into dead-ends. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Tennhawg I first discovered them in the North Georgia mountains about 25 years ago. Up around Elijay if memory serves me right. I had never heard oof them before then. When I lived in Atlanta we would go up there ever Fall to take in the colors and I would always bring a bunch back.

As has been discussed before, hard to find. But Arkansas blacks might be worth looking for and paying extra attention when it’s their season.

I have been buying them at stands on Highway 65 near Leslie for years. Near the Serenity Farms Bakery store. Serenity Farm Bakery Good apples.

Apples are great but I’ll take Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies over them every day.

I would think you could have both! My philosophy in life is not to say no to simple pleasures anymore.

I asked Nolan Richardson one time what his favorite birthday dinner was and he didn’t disappoint. He said he goes to Red Lobster and asks for one of everything. He said he could not eat everything, but he said he would give it a good try.

Attention Tennhawg–The best place to buy an Arkansas Black apple tree is from Cumberland Valley Nurseries in McMinnville, Tennessee (telephone 1-800-492-0022 or (931) 668-4153). However, you will (reportedly) need two other varieties for pollination (they can recommend which ones or tell you if that information is false). I cannot grow Arkansas Black apples down here (not enough cold weather for them), but for years I have bought my fruit trees (that will grow here) from Cumberland Valley Nurseries. Many (most) places mislabel what they sell you, but that is not the case with CVN. For fresh apples, you might want to try Tennessee/apples or Arkansas Black apples/Tennessee in your computer search engine. It is a wonderful apple!

Isn’t this our second Arkansas Black apple thread? Very cool.

Ranalli Farms/Tontitown is where I buy my blacks. Still have some from the fall in the fridge. They will taste good cooked with a Neiman Ranch ham steak from Sprouts or Natural Grocers.

Thank you all very much! I appreciate everyones help including you too LDhog since I have a sweet tooth fixation as well .I’m somewhat familiar with McMinnville. About 90 minutes from here we usually head up that way once or twice a year. I’ll attempt to check all resources out! Thank you as well, Clay H.

Do they still play a high school bowl game in McMinville? I think it was called the McMinville Nurserymen’s Bowl.