O really needs some punch from a non guard

Getting Cylla going somehow seems critical here. He has basically been a no show so far this year. Tape from last year showed good touch out to 3 but especially mid range game. Tonight Reggie (who played a great game) was wide open ever time he got the ball in the middle of the zone but clearly wasn’t comfortable taking a 10 foot shot (he generally took 1-2 dribbles and then tried to pass, never even looked to score from there). Cylla should thrive in that spot but has not yet showed up on the offensive end.

Chaney does most of his scoring at the rim. I do agree he needs to take the mid range jump shot. He will get going at least he was going after the rebounds.

Cylla is a real mystery to me so far. Shot well and scored well last year, played a great game against Duke. So I really thought he’d be a key scoring cog for us, take his man outside and be a scoring mismatch.

Instead…nothing? No score from anywhere, ever? Very odd. We are really going to need him to score this season, hope he figures this out


Cylla is no mystery to me … he simply is not that talented. In the beginning he did not even play hard and Muss correctly sat him on the bench. He at least hustles when he is playing now but he is simply not that athletic.

The guy who has room for growth is Chaney. He almost has to play just to give them an inside presence but he is hesitant on the offensive end and not playing all that smart on the defensive end. He did seem to pass the ball well in the post area and really got some impressive power shots but he needs to continue to develop his offensive game. To be honest no one on offense is playing well right now so there is a lot of room for growth.