O M beat Vandy tonight

That helps out standing a bit. Looking like MSU will beat MO again

Mizzou had taken the lead, but MSU just tied it with a HR

Bottom of 6

Misery’s gonna have to win it with their bats because their pitching stinks.

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Mizzou 2 on no out in the 9th bunted them over 2nd and 3rd one out…

Mizzou scores on hard base hit grounder to 3rd but 2 K don’t get another run in 7-6 going to b9

Hope it’s not asking too much of MU to hold MSU scoreless for one inning

Mizzou Wins!! 2 game lead thank you Tigers!

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We needed that. I thought MSU would sweep that series

oh i did too!

Surprised me!

Baseball, hell of a sport…

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