O-lineman Devon Manuel commits to Hogs


Big Get. wps

Woo pig!

Nice get! I bet he’s the kind of guy that we end up sweating close to signing day, when other SEC schools get after him. And Texas, Herman loves to try to steal our kids.

Love this group chat that these kids are doing!


Big time get. The future looks really bright for our

6’-8" and 315 I wonder how big this kid will be when a college strength coach gets ahold of him!

Definitely got size for sure.has potential.

youdaman…you know he’s really 309 lbs.

JUST KIDDING!..on this, you and I are in complete agreement. I have a hunch he’s gonna be a good one before all is said and done.

Yeah he has some things to work and a good thing he admits it so I’m sure he’s going to come in work extremely hard. I’m glad to have him

He knows he has some very good coaches to bring him along. If they like him so do I.

I love these kind. this is what makes your O go. The glory boys are great to have, but without this, there is no glory. Love, love, love it.

CSP loves the big boys! Devon’s school is about 10 miles north of our home in Lafayette - out in the country. Have a feeling he can be very good

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