O line

SP must access the oline play after today. Hanging our hat on being a physical running team to get one yard whenever we need it , took at hit today. MSU had better oline today. Not scoring on goal line was deflating. Having KJ back will still need better line play,

O line was the biggest disappointment that I have seen in a long time.

Me too… just couldn’t even get a yard when it really mattered.

It was disappointing, but as much as I like Johnson and Rocket, they both appear a bit slow in hitting the hole and look too upright. If they get going forward quickly with good body lean, seems they would be able to almost guarantee a yard.


Nailed it @keithguthrie

They better start putting some of the younger guys in there. This offensive line has been a disappointment.


We had our hats handed to us on both sides of the ball today. Their dominating our D line was not at all surprising given our (Odom’s) inability to even consider anything other than a three man alignment. Our lack of top talent was also very evident.

O line had a tough day, and clearly some big blocks were missed. But, State plays a very aggressive, physical defense that has always given us problems. Also, hard to be consistent when the other team is stacking the box and daring you to pass. Play calling inside their red zone was horrible. First and goal at the two and cannot score. Words can’t describe…


OL and our backs tiptoeing along…

I have faith in Sam until his program’s O line looks like it did today.

Last year you would have seen nasty O line playing to whistle and pushing piles and blocking to ground to show who is boss.

An O line that sets tone for the entire game.

Did not see that today.

When an O line HC isn’t proving his DNA, it’s hard to have faith in any other facet of program.

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Teams personalities reflect their head coaches. Like SP a lot but he has work to do and I thought oline was our bedrock which we built on. I will say we miss some senior leadership from last year. Morgan did alot to keep defense focused.

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OL was not quite as consistent today as they have been. They had some very good blocks but they had some misses. That will happen when you’re facing an aggressive defense that really doesn’t fear your passing game. That got State in trouble a couple times and allowed Hornsby to throw the deep ball on them.

KJ is pretty much our short yardage back and that hurt not having him in there today. We were running into a stacked box on the goal line and they know we are going to run the ball straight ahead so it makes it a lot harder to get a hole when you got people already slanting and clogging the A/B gaps. We had the perfect call and Malik just overthrew it

MSU wasn’t going to respect the passing game without KJ. They were going to try and take away the rushing game. I thought the line did a pretty good job considering. Hard to dominate an SEC DL when they know what you’re going to do.


Oline will see lot’s more of that defensive pressure in each of the remaining games as well.

That’s exactly right. Like I said we had the perfect call and Hazelwood was by himself at the goal line but for some reason Malik just overthrew him.

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think it was Landry, tried another to Haslewood on 3 and 1 that was in the end zone and not open. Then we ran the deep hand off attmepted back cut. Even Ole Miss went under center to a 3rd or 4th and goal full house backfield handoff for a touchdown. Going shot gun and handing deep is inherently slower and not the strength of our oline who do not fire off aggressively and reach block better. I agree KJ is our short line distraction or threat. Sanders is rarely our best back as the game wears on, no way he is not hurt. Would rather have Green or Johnson or even Dubinion any where past the first quarter.

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Tough slog to start the year for the entire team. We tend to focus on the defense, and obviously KJ, but a lot of guys who have to be dealing with small injuries or dings.

Hard to have that extra layer of grind when everything aches. RBs running a bit upright, or not quite hitting the holes as quickly as before, is a sign they, too, are tired. The off week can’t get here soon enough.


Good grief - ran for 250


I noticed we were in the shotgun for several 3rd/4th and short and it seems our RBs were standing straight up to take the handoff and couldn’t get going before running into the scrum. Would it help to go under center on those plays?

500 yards of offense does not portray a terrible Oline.


Not just the yards gained it is being able to do what you wanted to do. I assume most have seen the post game with interview with Pittman where he discussing the problems with blocking the MSU approach. it is at the 13 minute market as well as referenced several other times in his 18 minute recap.