O line

what has happened for this to be the weakest part of our team? is #76 our best option at right tackle? he was trying but seemed to be in way over his head. We have 4 stars on the bench …

it is a very strange deal for sure.we have several 4* guys sitting.I have only seen Wallace and he IMO has very little lateral movement which is suicide for an OT why I think he may be suited for OG where he can drive straight ahead and use his power.

Our O line should be better. It plays nowhere at the level his lines did at Wisconsin. I loved watching his O line power game when he first came to Arkansas. I recall he he had an O line coordinator on his staff at Wisconsin that at one time had been at Arkansas. They were struggling early in the season and Coach B fired him and took over the O line and this move turned the whole season around.

The guy he fired was Houston Nutt’s longtime OL coach, Mike Markuson.

Bielema, IMO isn’t going anywhere for at least 2 more years, so will be interesting to see how much longer we have to put up with Kurt Anderson.

It was pure folly watching a walk-on OL get pushed back 5 yards on every snap. Love the Clary kid, but no way he should have had to play this year. I know Center is important, but we should have Ragnow at LT and then find the best 4.