O line thoughts

A true freshmen walk on started game 1 – wow .
74 didn’t get it done last night
This is year 5 and we don’t have a dominant O Line. Surprises me.

Thanks fully the D played well and Hayden confirmed the pre-season praise.
Still concerned about the punter and hoping Allen will come around.

I’m very worried about the OL. Colton Jackson looked plain bad, against the worst DL he probably will see in his college career.

Colton Jackson missed three blocks on the first two series, but I thought he settled down after that. I’ll go back and watch the tape again, but I thought it was a poor first two series on his part. He missed blocks on two big plays for Florida A&M that can’t happen at that spot.

I think you’ll see it lasted throughout the first half. One of his worst was the last play of the 1st half.

He needs some work but I also know that the DE and LB were smaller than we normally see. They were serious athletes that we won’t usually see in the SEC at that smaller size. It reminds me of the App State team that beat a much bigger Michigan.

That sack was more on Austin than Colton. The one knock on AA is that he tends to hold the ball too long, and he certainly did on that play.

The one at the end of the quarter?

I saw Jackson beat on the inside very quickly, horrible bend at the waist, which really let him buy, than a hold on top of it on the back of the DLs jersey.

AA is definitely guilty of holding on to the ball too long often, and did it in the game, but I didn’t think that play was his fault personally.

Timed it and the pocket broke down in 3.5 seconds on that play, which is fairly long time. Colton eventually got beat, but I didn’t think that sack was necessarily on him.

I went back and rewatched that play. The announcer said, “You’ve got to get rid of the ball here.” AA didn’t have a ton of time, but he slid out of the pocket. Colton had the man blocked until the point AA got out of the pocket. About that same time, D. Williams ran into the back of Colton, who then lost contain and AA still had time to get rid of the ball but didn’t. Was it perfectly blocked? No. Did AA’s holding onto the ball cause the sack? Yes, at least partially.

I also got 3.5 seconds for the play, but that wasn’t the problem to me.

Watching it you see the DT and DE/OLB had a cross stunt, this is where Jackson completely whiffed. He never even held the guy up for even 1 second, because he couldn’t get the block, thus the guy runs right in, the back gave a chip which wasn’t a good one also. But ultimately the cross completely messed Jackson up and he basically never got his hands on the guy. 3.5 seconds is about when you’d want the ball thrown, but an SEC tackle should be able to pick up a cross, and hold an FCS player for way longer than that. Just my opinion, though.

I can get on board with that assessment. Good points.