O-line question

Seemed like the recent WHS piece suggested that the OL lineup was pretty much set except for right guard, and that Wallace was most likely to emerge there. And I don’t recall any mention of Raulerson as a starter. But one of my fountains of football misinformation is convinced that Raulerson will start from day one, either at RG or center. Is he way off base, or am I misremembering what was in that story, or what is the deal?

After listening to Kurt Anderson the other day, they know who will run first team the first practice. I don’t think any starter is set, with maybe the exception of Skipper at right tackle.

If Raulerson can beat out Ragnow at center, I think that’s a good thing for the team. We know Ragnow is a good guard. He hasn’t been asked to do a lot at center.

Who or what???


I covered this in my Friday column. Anderson said Raulerson is up to 308 and that is good enough for him to be at guard. He’s played tackle and guard, although Anderson considers him a natural center. I am under the belief that Raulerson does get a trial at right guard. They want to see all their candidates for the backup spots at right guard. It’s basically an open spot and if someone will grab it, that gives them the five they are looking for to get through camp. I do think there is a decent chance that Raulerson emerges as the right guard. That would give them another guy with college experience to solidify the line and the chemistry. He’s smart and polished. He’s adapted to the Anderson technique quickly.

We were blessed in that all 5 starters on the OL started EVERY game last year…I would venture to say no other SEC team was that fortunate. We will need the depth this year…can’t count on no injuries again…just sayin’

Here’s to hoping Wallace can turn the corner