O-Line gets some praise

No doubt they had their best game so far. They protected Starkel very well and gave the backs running lanes.

I think they will get better but I still see them struggling in SEC play. I think they have a chance to be pretty good in year three.

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Very encouraging. Especially after looking so bad against some really bad teams. Looking forward to being confident when it’s 3rd and 3.

The key to offensive line play is to keep them together. Mesh is the whole thing about OL play. I think Ty Clary was much maligned coming into the season. He is getting better. He made some really clean blocks in this game. The way he sealed one side, then flipped to the other in a blink of the eye on the long Boyd run was a thing of beauty. If you can see a replay from the end zone look, it’s awesome. It tells you all you need to know about his progression between last year and now.

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I’m just happy the snaps finally consistently were non-events. No lobs, nothing wild, just a clean start to every play.