O line depth chart

This is not official. It’s my play around depth chart as I work to put together something for our football preview magazine. Here is what I think it might look like (not counting freshmen) when they begin team specific drills in a few weeks:

LT - Myron Cunningham, Noah Gatlin.

LG - Shane Clenin, Dylan Rathke.

C - Ty Clary, Luke Jones.

RG - Ricky Stromberg, Beaux Limmer, Ryan Winkel.

RT - Dalton Wagner, Brady Latham.

Again, this is all mine. It may not play out like this, but I’ve got a feeling that it might be close to how they look before sticking in those massive freshmen from the last class.


I won’t be surprised to see Stromberg and Clary flip-flop.


I wondering myself if Stromberg might move to center. Clary just never seemed to take to it with consistent snaps.

Clenin must have really improved, I’m still going to stick thinking Limmer finds a spot in that starting lineup but we will see.

With these coaches, I’m so optimistic about the future of our OL.

At the same time, on paper, that is a very unimpressive group Clay listed. Hopefully these coaches are even better than I think they are.

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I suspect that Jones will be snapping more this year than Clary and, by midseason, there may be some true freshmen moving up to pressure the returners to improve or begin to replace them. Finding a center that will snap consistently in the shotgun is mandatory. Clary never achieved that last year but maybe Davis can coach him up to be consistent. It is much easier on the quarterback to run the offense when he is not worried that the snap will be wild.

Lot of unproven guys. that’s a sobering list.

I really hope cunningham can be our LT, last year he just appeared too physically weak to do much.

Gatlin really seemed promising prior to his injury, really hope he can come back and start. nasty streak, I like that kid a lot.

Stromberg-really impressive how hard he played, so young and so light. High ceiling, I hope his 300 is legit and muscle, with these OL coaches, he could really be solid.

Ty Clary. sometimes I love him, sometimes I cringe.

Overall, we’ve got to hope that the coaching of the last 2 years was near-incompetent, and that these guys have been able to grow physically and mentally despite this pandemic, and the coaches push all the right buttons and they all come together.

If all that happens, then we could have a decent SEC OL. Not upper tier, but decent. Not the clown show of the past 2 seasons.

Man, I would so much love to see us be competitive, win 5-6, recruit well off that. Heck, I’d love to watch practice at this point, lol.

Thanks Clay, really appreciate any actual Hog news/speculation. Bickering over pandemics is just not for me.


Yes, I think you could see some movement on positions. And, I did not plug in true freshmen anywhere. Youth will be served.

My offensive line exactly! With some good coaching now they will be much better! I think there is a lot more talent here then the guys are given credit for.GHG!

Experience and age helps O-line.

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