Is he on the team?

Yes, and he is going to be back in practice this week.

I would assume is on very thin ice now that we lost and the fans are howling. Patience is being tested across the program and fanbase.

I hope he’s on thin ice - how many chances does one get?

He is a distraction for the team because it is soo bad if Dre feels compelled to tweet about it. He has been a problem every year. We have Cantrell and Patton so I am comfortable with his exit.

He needs to change the culture, in several ways. Getting rid of CJ will help that. He’s as talented as any TE we’ve ever had, but he is a distraction like you said. He’s an upperclassman and will likely not learn from it.

Need to get the culture changed, he holds you back, and so do the guys who are conditioned to losing, which is most of the older guys.

As I walked into the press conference yesterday, I saw O’Grady walking down around the players lounge. He’s with the team.

Coach Morris is giving him a second chance.

It’s my understanding that he had been very responsible since the new staff arrived up until that point.

There have been many coaches in my time here who did this with some of the best players here.

Some of that was before the internet. Some of those issues were kept in the locker room and never got out.

I am sure that Dre regrets putting that out there now - as evidenced by him taking it down when he realized it was public instead of a DM.