O’Grady Status????

I apologize if something was posted or said and I missed it but where was our starting TE yesterday? Is he injured or did he get in trouble???

Suspended. Team rules.

Ugh…again??? Thanks for the update LongTimeHog. Hope it is only 1 game but glad to see these coaches don’t mess around when it comes to this stuff.

O’Grady was on the sideline. I was told it’s just one game. I always hold my breath when it comes to C.J. and know that past performance is always an indication for future performance.

Clay, what about Austin Capps? I was surprised when I saw Clary in at LG when Capps was listed on the two-deep. Did I miss an injury report?

Austin Capps is still learning the entire system. He’s coming. I don’t think he’s quite ready with the entire playbook.

Solid point Clay on O’Grady. I was really thinking he had turned the corner from a maturity standpoint. He has a chance to be special if he can!

I think Capps has a good shot to get a lot of playing time once he gets the playbook down.

Add him, Colton Jackson and Dalton Wagner in the mix and I think that helps.

This guy has a lot of talent, but, so far, seems determined to screw it all up. It’s sad, really.

He will probably go back to CJ from Cheyenne to wipe the slate clean again…

:smiley: Yeah, maybe just change it to “O”. If it happens again, it can just become “oh no”. It’s maddening. He’s so talented. He should be (have been) the next great Razorback TE. Hopefully this will really be that “moment of change” and he will become both a great TE and team leader. His presence on the field as a pass catching TE will also help us with recruiting Hudson.

He will be available this week.

That’s good…and so will Mike Woods right?

Yes, Mike Woods is available this week. He and Chase Harrell are listed on the depth chart as backups for La’Michael Pettway.