O getting close to elite

According to Pomeroy, we have the #22 most efficient offense in the nation at present, and that ranking has been heading in the right direction. The depth of the roster seems to be paying dividends at the right time. Our primary scorers are waxing, instead of waning, as the season grinds to an end.

Our guards corps is turning into the versatile hydra that we all hoped that it would be in the preseason. I had my doubts about what Barford would deliver this season coming out of nonconference, but he has been probably our most consistent offensive player over the last month. He seems to be getting better every game and can score at every level on the court. He dominates for long spans. When he isn’t, Dusty and Macon are. With Dusty and Macon blowing up, the defense is going to have a tough time picking their poison. Beard has also quietly been shooting the trey as well as either in conference. Defenses cannot help off of him. Watkins has also emerged out of his cocoon to give us about a trey a game in February, and he punishes the defense if they give him a lane trying to cheat to the scorers.

Moses Kingsley is underappreciated on O. He has been in double figures in 11 of our last 13 games. Lately he’s been getting it done with the versatility that he showed last season. Convert a couple of post opportunities, get a stickback or two, get to the line where he is money, make a jumper, run the court - boom - 12 to 15 points a game. At this time last season he seemed to be wearing down. He’s getting stronger this year.

The forwards haven’t been bad either. Trey is showing increasing confidence in the post and out to midrange. We get a few jumpers from Thomas and Cook a game. Those two and Bailey have been active on the offensive glass with the bigs.

TOs were a problem at times this season. However, we just played two teams that like to force miscues and only committed 23 TOs total in 80 minutes.

The team seemed to have a different posture tonight. The offense had a smoothness that has often been lacking. This winning thing seems to be fun.

This winning thing is fun! It is possible the players may have finally come together. There was flow on offense and the ball moves by the pass instead of the dribble! We took good shots most of the night and we out rebounded Ole Miss. That’s a news flash by itself. The hogs won by playing as a team. Time for a late season charge.

Right, MA should bring em together today to show them what they can be against a Good team and watch the entire game and tell em do this each game and you guys will be surprised of what you have done by seasons end!