Have I missed something important on him?
Where is he?
What are his prospects?

Big fellow from JC was expected to be in 2-deep.

I was wondering about him myself. I haven’t seen anything . Insiders?

Typical JUCO, he’ll probably get some spot time, but will need the year to further transform his body.

Nwanna, as of yesterday morning, was running with the fourth-team offense at left tackle. I believe there’s some concern about his footwork and grasp of the playbook. I’m hopeful we’ll learn more about his situation in Saturday’s scrimmage.

That’s about the worst thing I’ve ever heard about a new JUCO; who recruited him?

He wasn’ recruited for his feet. He was recruited for his arms.

Appreciate the update. I was hoping for much more based
on our expectations during his recruitment.

Was never high on him always saw him as being very raw and a project type player

Yes sir. I remember you voicing your concerns.


He wasn’ recruited for his feet. He was recruited for his arms.

[/quote]His arms can only go where his feet goes. Just sayin.

Important to note that Nwanna from Lackawanna has three years to play two.

He chose Arkansas over scholarship offers from Maryland, Louisville, Massachusetts, Cincinnati, San Diego State, East Carolina and Southern Miss so obviously there were others who knew he would not be “ready” upon arrival

Fry noted at media day that "We signed two JUCO tackles for a reason, and it was to piss off my other tackles.

Coach Fry on Nwanna before practice started.

“We knew that going in and we talked with (Nwanna) about that and he knew that he had some work to do,” Fry said. “We knew he would be more of a project guy than Myron that would come in and earn a spot. That’s what we told the JUCO guys all through recruiting. You are not coming in and being anointed. You have to go to work for that spot."

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … sive-line/

Nice Nwanna from Lackawanna reference Mr. Dawson. :smiley:

Lacked upper body strength when arrived. I believe they thought this was going to be development year.

Let’s hope we see him perform at a high level for a couple of years. Three to play two sure helps.

Not questioning the kid or reality that he may need more work before contributing.

But given worst win loss total in history of school, don’t we put premium on transfer scholies that bring immediate help?

Depth was needed. His frame and ability was what was attractive. You pick your spots when you go for immediate help. Now, in reality, the thought on JC players is that if you only have two to play two, they better be at a certain level, but he’s ahead of some high school players. So you need to fill in that middle level where recruiting had been so bad. And, yes, recruiting JC players is not a 100 percent deal. Yes, we know that.

Glad to see he is on the 4th team. Last year he may have been starting!

Quick feet are one the most important things needed for Olinemen. They must be able to stay in front of SEC Dlinemen and those guys are certainly quick, big and often mean. I did not know you could teach feet to be quick, but maybe so. No doubt the coaches know far more about this than me (or at least we hope so).

I will be pulling for him to make an impact over the next two seasons.

Sounds like he"s heading for a four game max season then a lot of time working on strength and agility. That’s OK. He adds depth in practice and by the 2021 season he may be a beast.

He has great potential! those long arms are unreal! he’s just got to get stronger and get a little more agile and mobile! love that we have him for 3 yrs though,I had forgotten that!