NWA Touchdown Club

I got an email today saying the the NWA TD club is going on hiatus. I’m not entirely surprised. There were several people who dropped out last year following a significant increase in fees for the meetings. Some of us got a break on that increase, but not everyone griped. They just didn’t attend.

So this is related to lack of interest in the program this year? I wonder because I think this is the least interested I’ve been in the football team since 1992 after citadel. I just feel like we are overmatched and years behind. It’s really strange, I’m not even upset about how bad the team has become. I’m just lethargic about it. My conversations with alumni friends barely talk about them anymore.

I think that is a scary place for the program to be and hope like heck we turn it around soon.

I do not think this has anything to do with the state of the program. As was detailed earlier this year, Bo Mattingly’s company took a hard turn in a new direction this year. The reduction of the radio show was the most noticeable change, but this is related to that change in direction.

I agree completely, COHOG…The level of interest among my friends and other alums I know is as low as it has ever been. None of them are talking Razorback football. Some of this is due to the overexposure of sports in general, but a lot of the lack of interest comes from the program being among the worst in the SEC for several years. Winning at a nice pace can change all this, but it is a steep hill to climb. I hate it, and it is sad, but it is true.

That was my impression as well. One of the problems is that it is no longer really a club, but almost a promotional venue for Bo’s company.

Interesting…I’ve never been more interested or excited about the start of a season. This year we learn alot. Does the turnaround
begin? But I’ve been followin’ the Hogs for 50+ years, I don’t get discouraged easily. :sunglasses:

Yeah, I could imagine being out of state for some doesn’t give a true indication of fandom. No doubt ticket sales are down somewhat, and interest too, but I don’t think the regular fans are apathetic.

This is just one more sign of Jeff Long’s decimation of Razorback football. I don’t read this as a death spiral, but football hasn’t been worth a damn since the Petrino firing. Whether or not the firing was right or wrong, that ended our stay as an upper level team. There was a faint glimmer of hope after Bielama’s third year, but we quickly regressed back to the bottom of the SEC. Losing is hard, especially when you have won a lot recently.

Morris and Yourachek are trying to rebuild the program, but that is very difficult to do in the SEC West. In the interim, interest in the program will lag until the wins start coming. One does wonder why the NWA Touchdown Club is inactive while the Little Rock Touchdown Club continues to grow and thrive. I would have thought that somebody would take over and continue this club in NWA.

I hope that our football will be respectable again and soon. With our new leadership, I think we have a good chance to be good again. WPS

It’s good to know there is excitement still in the state and hope for that to spread.

I have had far more people come up to me and ask questions about football the last two weeks than I remember ever having.

I don’t know about apathy. I don’t know about great interest, but I would say those people are intrigued by the recruiting class in 2019, a more diversified offense and the chance to have hope again.

Like Matt noted, I really don’t think this decision has anything to do with football. It has to do with the direction Bo and his company have chosen to go.

My guess is, the LR Touchdown Club will not slow down at all.

It is one of the largest in the country.

I don’t think the success of the Razorbacks has anything to do with the viability of that club. The 2017 season was one of the best I can remember at the NWA TD Club and that was in the midst of everyone wanting to fire the Arkansas coach. But the guests that year were very good - Bob Stoops, Frank Beamer, Tommy Tuberville and Gary Pinkel among them.

Bo’s company made this announcement yesterday so it is premature to say no one has tried to fill that void, although booking speakers and lining up sponsors take months of wok. Not only that, but nowhere in the release yesterday did it say Sport & Story was releasing the rights to the touchdown club this year or in the future. In fact, it said the hope is to resume the club in 2020.

I expect the TD Club to return next year. If Bo does not do it, someone else will. Just bring in good speakers and folks will come.

I will say that it is not easy to set it up. I’ve been close to it for seven years. I asked Bo early in summer what was gonna happen to it. I think he thought it could still roll along until mid June. Not sure what happened. I’ll see him next week for a visit and maybe we will discuss it.

I have no doubt that getting speakers to come to NWA is a lot of work, especially for an affordable fee. (When I heard that Stoops demanded that the club pay for a private plane to fly him here, I was amazed.) Some just automatically attract large crowds (think Lou Holtz.) Others can be a great surprise and you never know until you hear them. One of my biggest surprises was Ryan McGee. Not only was he a great speaker, but I then started watching Marty and McGee on the SEC network. While that show is not on TV during the summer, I now make sure to listen every Saturday morning to the radio show.