NWA roads?

What are the roads up there going to be like today and tomorrow?

Awful today, but the precipitation is over. Main roads should be fine tomorrow.

Yep, high temp Friday above freezing, supposed to be mostly sunny, radiant heat from the sun will help a lot Friday , also

My wife spent the night at her job, as a nurse. She is stuck there tonight but that’s the River Valley.

From our view Friday looks good. I answered for the traveling fans…

Great to hear. I was coming regardless, but it’s comforting to know they should be clear. Neither rain, nor snow, nor ice was going to keep me from that KY game.

Oh, just a thought. Could there be any problem in the I-49 tunnel, since it’s low and no sun will hit it?

There is a traffic camera at the Tunnel, but right now it either has a glare on it or something on the lens because you can’t get a good picture of the road. If you go to IDRIVEAR.com and click on the Traffic Light you can see all the location of all the cameras on the roads and just click on the one you want.

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Highway dept will have the area around the tunnel salted, brined or whatever they do in that district. That is an area of particular concentration for the Highway department.

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