NWA golf?

Will be in Fayetteville for the week between the Rice and Texas games and would like to play golf–at public or private courses. Any suggestions as to what public courses are “don’t miss” in the area?

Anyone up for golf in that period–except Friday 10 Sep?

Stonebridge Meadows in Fayetteville
Big Sugar in Pea Ridge

I would say those are the two best public courses

I will be there Texas weekend and playing as well. Will probably be playing Stonebridge Meadows as my good friend lives across the street from the course. I know I am playing Friday with 3 people and that is a day you can’t. I get in around lunch on the 9th. I might be able to play a morning round day of game if early Saturday.

If you play Big Sugar, take plenty of balls. Beautiful course, but a lot of forced carries. If you miss off the tee, she gone.

I am lucky enough to play Pinnacle on Friday. Will play the other two above during the week. Need to go pack more of my pond balls for Pea Ridge.

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I think Stone Bridge is solid course. Have never been a fan of Big Sugar. There are a lot of holes that need to be destroyed. Lol. Stone Bridge has one I despise, the third (I think). I told the architect (a friend) that he built 17 good holes. I gave him a suggestion on No. 3 and it was to turn it into a par 3 with a tee from the fairway.

I would love to hear more of your thoughts on Big Sugar, Clay. I don’t get to play much anymore, but that is the course I usually take friends to from out of town…especially since Prairie Creek is no more.

I have played Dogwood Hills in Bella Vista a couple of times in the last two months and really enjoyed it. It’s a hike getting there, but a nice course. The Creeks in Cave Springs is another course you might like. Elevated greens there are a challenge.

I don’t know the numbers of holes at Big Sugar. But it’s just too long to carry to many fairways. And some holes cut through woods don’t seem natural and almost impossible.

They moved way too much dirt on a couple holes on back.

There are a couple holes in valley around the creek that are gorgeous. But hard to pick a line off the tee.

It is a gorgeous area. That’s about the best I can remember.

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Tried Big Sugar first. Net loss of balls was two.


You are obviously a much better golfer than me, Fred. I think I lost 2 balls before I got to first tee, lol.

Well if Fred lost eight balls and found six, that’s a net loss of two.


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