Nutt or TT -- are you kidding?

for AD? are you kidding?

Nutt = No Gus

This is not 1976. You need a savy businessman. Sure they both could hire good coaches and smooze the boosters but the day to day operations? facilities, financing, etc. I have major doubts.

Kevin Scanlon sounds like the best of both worlds.

Would love to find a spot for Fitz Hill somewhere to promote football in LR

Were going to screw this up, aren’t we?

No…we’re not. You are reading the opinions of posters who are not knowledgeable about the job skills required for an athletic director position. We fans are clueless for the most part. We do know we would like somebody who is personable, intelligent and hard working who has experience in financial and business affairs with an athletic background.

But you are right…Houston Nutt and Tommy Tuberville…those are scary and incredibly unlikely candidates. Either one of those two guys, if hired, would make a prospective coach run away like he stole somethin’.

I think whoever Arkansas hires will have an AD background.

I certainly hope so!

What was Frank Broyles financial/business background? He seemed to do OK.

A couple of things to consider:

Broyles came from a time when a coach was responsible for all administrative duties within a program. Now many of those administrative duties are passed off to six-figure directors of operations and sport administrators in an effort to free up as much of the coach’s time as possible. Broyles also ran a much smaller athletics department than what we see today.

I think we are not too far away from a point where no Power 5 will hire someone without relevant experience as an athletics director. Fewer coaches are being considered for these jobs, in part for reasons listed above. South Carolina and Mississippi State are exceptions to the rule. In Arkansas’ case, you are looking for someone to come in who has to control a 200-employee, $125 million a year department with several moving pieces, including the most costly construction project ever on campus.

Sometimes you hit the jackpot with choosing someone with no relevant experience to the job with which they are tasked, but more often than not it will end poorly.

I’d be shocked if Nutt were even considered for the job, much less offered it. I’d be less shocked, but still surprised if Tuberville were.

Scanlon has both a Razorback background, business background, & strong Ark ties. He’d be someone I’d like. I have no idea if he’s being considered.

Broyles’s background: he had a degree in Industrial Engineering from Ga Tech. He became AD in a different time–when old coaches were often “kicked upstairs” to be the AD. However, we can’t really compare anyone to Broyles. He wasn’t only a brilliant football mind with a degree in a sophisticated major from a prestigious engineering university, he was simply an incredibly smart man. There just aren’t many out there like him. Oh for us to get another one as either coach or AD. The odds against it are just too strong. We struck gold with him.

Let’s not get too caught up in rumors. All it takes is one post on a message board for one to get started. Still, I’m not too impressed with anything coming from the BOT this week, either.

I hate to say it, but i am not remotely confident we don’t screw this up at the moment.

Arkansas needs to hire someone exactly like Jeff Long who understands the economic impacts that affect recruiting. We’re going to screw this up aren’t we?

My impression is that the BOT wants a coach and AD with previous ties to the state or university. It remains to be seen if that happens.

And no, I have zero insider information. Just an opinion.

I think it might be “someone with a sports administration background”

It won’t be Nutt or TT not a chance, lot of other names to throw out there Scanlon, Grovey, Dicus and that’s just what it would be throwing names because only what Steinmetz and the BOT thinks matters.

When Frank Broyles became AD, several things were true:

A lot of football coaches also served as AD in the 70s. You don’t see that any more, and there are good reasons for that:

Athletic budgets and revenues have multiplied exponentially. A 50-yard-line ticket at RRS back then was $6 and the entire athletic budget was probably less than we make now just from suites at the stadium. TV money, what little there was, was sofa cushion change compared to today.

A lot more regulatory things to deal with. Title IX, for one. We didn’t have ANY women’s sports when Frank was hired. And women had a separate athletic department and separate AD until Jeff Long got here.

I do not like the idea that we’re going to hire someone without excellent qualifications just because he’s an Arkie. I hope that’s not the case, but that seems to be what the GOBN, and the BOT in response to the good ol’ boys, are wanting.

Makes a ton of sense considering how well JFB did and he was a LR native. And, as we all know, Lou Holtz was from Smackover. And, Eddie Sutton grew up in Camden.

People forget Nolan was from Paragould. They have to be reminded that John Barnhill was from Springdale and Jeff Long started in El Dorado. Petrino grew up with DD in Newport.

I wish people realized it just isn’t going to work unless we get a coach with Arkansas roots like HDN or Jimmy Dykes.

Only they can navigate the perils of Arkansas politics because only they will have true Hog on the Helmet passion for the Hogs.

Dude, I love reading your posts.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Awesome post, Notorious.

Adam funny you included HDN, but not the former Prophetsville Pig Farmer In you satirical commentary on Arkansas coaches. I think HDN was a slightly above average coach, but he can coach circles around Bielema.

I happen to agree with your general point about “ Arkansas ties” but can also understand why the average fan feels Arkansas ties are important after witnessing the demolition of Razorback football at the hands of a guy from Illinois supervised by another guy from Ohio who reportedly was content to let Bielema wield the sledgehammer for yet another season…

Derrick Gregg
Sean Rochelle

I heard from someone that 13 of Long’s 14 closest associates in the AD department were from out of state with no previous connection to Ark or the UA.