Number of players dealing with hamstring issues

“It’s a huge concern. We’re missing a lot of guys out there — some guys we’re counting on,” Joe Craddock said. … -arkansas/

Thanks, Scottie, for checking on this. I knew there had been quite a few, but was not aware of that many.

Hamstrings this year & in years past it was foot issues.

I’m a cyclist. Cyclists have strong quads. Strong quads pull on the hamstrings and make them tight. Hamstrings pull on the lower back. Getting the core not only strong, but flexible, is a goal but hard to do. This makes so much sense that the players who are driving with their quads are experiencing more hamstring issues. Any player who spent a lot of time doing leg presses and less time doing hamstring curls or stretching can experience tightness of the hamstrings. Long strides will also cause issues. Training elite athletes is very complicated these days. Take for example the issue of dehydration and electrolyte replacement. How many cramps will we see? One would think that stretching and electrolyte replacement would be so easy to address, but even the best athletes and trainers miss on occasion.

I thought doing yoga was supposed to be about stretching and flexibility.

As a former lond distance runner, I learned back in the early 80’s hamstring issues could be kept to a minimum by doing some backwards jogging (easier and safer on a track or stadium field than on the street!). Morris noted the DB have very few hamstring issues because of their back pedaling. Stands to reason all but MAYBE the interior lineman should do several backward jogs of around 100 yds at a time. Git’er done!

its always something with Wr’s at least ours anyway…