Has he cost himself millions by coming back and playing?

Wondering the same thing.

Hopefully he’s on a bonus incentive heavy contract currently. Let’s go wps

Well, for his sake, I hope he hasn’t re-injured his knee. It has to be very hard for him to get into the flow this late into the season.

On the news tonight, they said his knee is acting up again and has been for a while

Nick’s agent may have been right about wanting Nick to shut it down. Al credit to him for wanting to come back and play. Feel bad for him.


Read something today that NBA scouts are impressed that he came back instead of shutting down.


Hope so, you and usually come back from injury, but character goes a long way.

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Jeff, does a bad knee ever go away? Mine hasn’t. I keep twisting the wrong way around the kitchen table and reminding myself I’m bone on bone.

Will be interesting to find out what the diagnosis actually is and if he has surgery or what

Bone on bone doesn’t go away, Fred. Unless you get the new titanium knee

You and me are old, he’s not

The only reason you ask this question is because you have no idea how the process works. The answer is NO.

I don’t know that he cost himself money. There would have been many, many questions if he hadn’t come back,

I know these young men are in a position for life changing contracts and incomes and I wish them well and hope all their dreams and opportunities come to fruition, but somehow the constant emphasis on money just kind of gets tiring. I hope Nick did what Nick wanted to do and the rest will work out. Seems to me the professional decision makers who we know draft on potential, would rather see what a kid can do against bona fide competition. While injuries may have been unkind to him and as bad as I hate to say it, Miller has seized his opportunity, and Nick not so much.

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This, I believe. Would you, at 70 years old, rather have memories of All-SEC, All-American, Elite 8, college success and crazy games and yelling and whole State loving you or would you rather have millions?

I don’t have either, so I can dream of what might have been. Kinda think some of us would cherish the college dream more.

One word. No.

NBA folks understand basketball. I think he has GAINED respect.

His ceiling is huge. He needs to get healthy.
We will need him to make a deeper run IMO. Not necessarily to score big. But we need his minutes. He played some impressive D in the last 2 minutes.

I will FOREVER pull for him. I am so impressed he came back when he didn’t have to.


I’ll add this: if…and this is a big if…but if Nick had been healthy and able to play all year, we would be seeing a very different Nick. After 2 months away, Nick needed a pre-season. He had to come back and jump right in. He’s played really well at points. But he is PRESSING. Trying waaaaaay too hard. And trying to find his role. I don’t think he’s unwilling to find his role. But he’s always been THE MAN. Coming into a team mid-season, not being THE MAN and trying fit in ain’t easy. Its not an attitude thing. His attitude is FINE. Its a habit thing. He’s always had the ball in his hands. And took most of the shots.

With a full season, he would have been all we wanted him to be

Here is the awesome thing…he just played well below his own expectations and WE WON ANYWAY.
Let’s hope he makes a bigger contribution next week.

But I choose to focus on the POSITIVE.

Some people out there literally LOOK for something negative. Those people must just be miserable. With all Mary and I have been through, thank God I learned to dwell on the POSITIVE.


I wonder how his knee really is, I think he’s trying to go but hurt, they even said he didn’t practice the day before🤷‍♂️

No telling. None of us know the issue. If its an MCL sprain he could keep aggravating it. If its tendonitis that can be chronic. Not so bad you can’t play. It just hurts like hell.

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