NSJ Update…

If you can call it that — giant caveat at the end of the Goodman Tweet.

I hate to be a “good old days” old man, but can you imagine what Nolan would think of a kid leaving the campus to “rehab in LA?” GTFO, I’d imagine:

Great news,just have to hope for the best.That would be the last 9 SEC games. 5 on the road.

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From Jeff’s pen to God’s ear.

As near perfect as this situation could end. 9 or 10 games in the regular season. A game or 2 in the SEC Tourney (I don’t give 2 hoots about winning it). And a nice long “Big Dance” run!


Couldn’t have said it any better, Larry. Really hope it happens.

I hope he plays and contributes to this team which he is largely responsible for recruiting to Arkansas, but I’ll believe it when I see it!

What about school?


Source says the plan is for NSJ to be back from his rehab stint in Los Angeles in February as long as he is at 100%.
Let me ask anyone with a knee that has been injured.
What percentage would you say that that knee is ever 100% recovered?
They have set the bar at 100% instead of 95% or 90% for a reason and that reason is that 100% is not realistically attainable and they no that.
I hope it happens and NSJ gets to play a major role for this team that he was highly responsible and influential during the recruiting process in getting many of these high level recruits to sign with Arkansas, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Not sure why it’s even a requirement any longer in D1 sports.
I think they could offer an education as an option if that’s something the athlete is interested in, but not required.
This is strictly big business for these universities and now with the NIL deals it’s open free agency in college sports.
No more reason to go to class unless you want to.

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Bet he is enrolled in online classes but I don’t know


But I am not so naive that I think that would stop someone in a one and done situation. Back in the day when I was at the UofA, I had a geology class that had 2 basketball players in it. I recognized them the first day. I never saw them in class the rest of the semester. Maybe they both quit the course or changed it or just never bothered to show up. And they didn’t do ONLINE classes back then because Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet yet at that time. They never missed a game though.

I had a speech class with Scott Hastings and Brad Friess spring semester, meaning prime hoops season. They both showed up for tests/speeches and nothing else. Which is kinda funny because Hastings wound up becoming a media type.

You know that idea ran thru my mind sometime ago.
The only problem is that if a scholarship is not required to attend school to get a degree, we all know that almost all of college football players will never play in the NFL. They won’t make it any further than their time in college. However long that might be.
So basically they would be going to college just to play football, with nothing to fall back on when it ends.

Two words.

Online classes.

I don’t know if he’s gonna do that. But almost any student can fill up their semester with online classes these days and barely if ever walk onto the campus. (And I say almost only because of “classes” like dance class, or choir, or badminton etc. Most academic classes offer an online option in our post-covid reality). This is anyplace. No UA specifically.

The west coast has the sunshine
and the girls all get so tanned.

Well, there aren’t many knee injuries I know of that can heal 100% in less than six weeks rest. But when you are 18-19 years old I’d say your chance of recovering 100% is high, like 99% high. Factor in the quality of doctors and medical staff he can hire for rehab there’s no reason to think his knee won’t recover 100%. The only question is how long it will take to heal and if it will require surgery or not first. It appears they are not going to go that route until at least after another month of healing. It also appears he has a ton of financial incentive from the nba draft projections to avoid surgery at all costs. Playing on his knee this year to show it is healed would be the best business outcome for him. But he won’t be in any rush to test it or risk surgery until much closer to draft time.

So he will be academically ineligible NEXT semester

As if that mattered


We don’t even know the diagnosis
So it’s impossible to talk about treatment options

This may well be a problem for which there is not a surgical option


Worrying about something you have no control over is stressful. I refuse.


I suspect strongly that this is the case. If there was, he would be shut down IMO.

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Who and how (legally IAW current NCAA rules) is paying for NSJ West Coast rehab? Hotel, auto, food, medical service, etc…?
Have the rules changed about signing with an agent and still participate in college athletics? Is the UA paying for al of NSJ’s coats? Insurance by NsJ or the UA? NIL $$$?
UA…Campus of Champions

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