NSJ picks up SEC freshman of the week honor

He averaged 25 points per game last week and hit 7 of 11 threes:


I guess the controversy cost Brandon Miller that honor. I was thinking Brandon and Nick would be co-winners.

Poor Brandon.

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Actions have consequences. Not getting Frosh of the week is not much of a consequence but something at least.

He’s won it 6 times this year. I bet he isn’t complaining. It was to be expected. He is not a favorite of the media now…. Except Bama peeps

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Congrats to Nick. Well deserved. Certainly more deserving of the honor than Brandon Miller. I know some folks here would disagree :joy: .

Anyway, Nick is the complete basketball package. Much more than just a scorer.

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Silly. If you are going to let Miller play – and I am not saying you should – you might as well give him the accolades he has clearly earned,

no, it’s not silly at all

Nick Smith Jr didn’t transport and deliver a gun to someone, that was then handed to someone else, who then used that gun to murder a woman

Nick Smith Jr is FAR more deserving of the SEC FOW honor than (you know who)

(you know who) shouldn’t win SEC FOY, SEC POY, or Naismith College POY either

(you know who) shouldn’t win any of them

Oates shouldn’t be named SEC COY, or National COY

Miller was at the wrong place at the wrong time this past week per the SEC…


Yeah, “Silly” was a very poor choice of words on my part. I just don’t think depriving Miller of this weekly honor does anything to make up for Alabama’s failures to properly deal with the situation, right down to the latest “TSA simulation” baloney. Maybe I meant “Pointless,” especially if Miller gets subsequent recognition like tourney MVP or POY. But maybe he won’t get those either. In which case I am completely off the mark.

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