NSJ-Nate Rakestraw

Nate The Rake Rakestraw played a year at the UofA on scholarship, without scoring a point. That is where the term Rakestrawed came from. So far NSJ, perhaps the most heralded recruit in UofA basketball history, is yet to surpass The Rake’s point total as a Razorback. I have this gnawing fear, that Nick is going to blow his knee out before he scores as a Razorback. I know this is irrational thought, but I will feel so much better when I see the ball leave his hands and drop through the cylinder. What a cruel fate it would be, if NSJ got Rakestrawed.

NO, NO, NO, don’t put that in print. You’ve got 10 seconds to “knock on wood”!

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Watch out for those pieces of space debris falling from the sky, you could be “Rakestrawed” in sticking your head out the door to check the mail delivery. Now that would be without doubt a cruel fate to be dead from a smashed skull before opening your latest Hawgs Illustrated. :flushed:

Please leave BWS by the fifth inning of any Hawg pitching efforts where the opponent has not yet had a walk or hit (and please wear a helmet). :open_umbrella:

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Tomorrow is a big day for Nick. He can move past The Rake on our career scoring list. Hoping he gets that bucket or freethrow early, so the pressure will be off.

Why even put this thought out there? Not cool.

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Sorry Jeremy. I know Nick has been hurt and Muss is rightfully being cautious about playing him. It just seems surreal that we’ve played this many games and we are still waiting for his first point. Of course we had to wait awhile for Joe Johnson’s first points, and I think Corliss missed a few games at the beginning of his first season too. I’m anxious. Of all the talented freshmen, Nick is supposed to be the guy who scores in bunches. I’m ready to see the scoreboard light up when he’s in the game.

I’m anxious too, but 3 words I hope I never see associated with Nick’s name again are “blow out” and “knee.”

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