Nowhere to somewhere: Tre Williams dancing toward a dream

My Friday feature this week is on Tre Williams. Talked to his mother earlier this week and about an hour later I had an unbelievable story to try to figure out how to tell:


Awesome story Scottie!

Scottie, you’re a gifted writer. What an insight to Tre and Mom. Excellent work!

Great read! I hope Tre has a fantastic year and succeeds at the next level!

So, sounds like she did not get to see the game live (?)

That is what she told me. The cleaning business her and her husband own, they had around 20 employees before covid hit, then it got down to just the two of them.

“We’re busy cleaning. Once you buy a home, you’ve got to still keep working in order to keep it. … I have to get everybody to be my eyes (for Tre’s games), including my neighbor across the street, who is 80-something years old,” Teresa said.


God bless her…hope Tre gets to the next level and helps her out…no doubt he will. Maybe she can tape the games(?). Just a shame she can’t watch live.

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Job well done, Scottie.

Outstanding piece Scottie. This story “moved me”. It was very “Clay-like”. That’s the ultimate complement I can give.

Great work Scottie, glad to know a little history on Tre. I liked him a lot before knowing his background, i’m full tilt fan of his now. So glad he’s a HOG! Go Tre

Great story, Scottie! True journalism like this is getting to be uncommon now.

The term “strong women” gets bandied about these days rather loosely but Theresa is the epitome of it–including knowing that there is still a need for strong male influence as well. That and belief in a higher power has resulted in Tre being the strong, quality young man that he is.

Great great article Scottie!!
What great love his mother has for him and a great example of parental leadership

Thank y’all for the feedback. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did putting it together. One of my favorites, for sure.

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Awesome and moving details that bring Tre and his mom to life for us. Great writing as usual. We are truly blessed to have Tre and his mom become a part of our Razorback family.


Not only is this a great story, but your writing is outstanding. I work in Academia and this represents a great example of an American Literature essay. Sports reporting is interesting because of a constant source of new drama and human interest. If you ever need an honorary doctorate give me a call. Woo Pig Forever. :heart_eyes:

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