Nowell: Trick play or overriding the coach?

Trying to appreciate Marquis Nowell and his talent while trying to get over Razorbacks loss. The guy had 19 assists.


That kid is a total stud. I love NY point guards, and I don’t care how small they are.

Played at UALR for two years before he transferred to K- State. The portal has killed UALR and mid-major programs like it. That and getting kicked out of the Sunbelt for lack of football and being exiled to the OVC.

Wish we had him. That kid can play.

He is dynamic. Darrell tried hard to keep him from transferring.

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not sure that was not a staged planned play, kind of like a fake spike thrown for a TD late in the game. All in all still great, and I am especially glad for K Johnson literally daring death every time he walks on the court. You don’t mess with HCM, it is a real killer

As I incessantly post, the teams that advance in the tournament are most often led by great guard play. This kid at K-State is something and when UCLA was schooling the Zags in the first half it was good guard play by the Bruins and sloppy guard play by Gonzaga. Did not stay up for second half (wish I had) so don’t know what happened, other than the outcome.

As highly regarded of a pro prospect as Black is, his point guard play often looks different than these quick slasher/distributor types that have looked so interesting during the tournament. Black is a good passer, but his style seems built around his size and trying to post up smaller guards. Of course the ability to be a threat from outside would probably make his post up game a lot easier. All this said, while Blocker will be young, everything I hear is that he is very quick and maybe a little more traditional guard. I know he is not said to be a dynamic outside shooter, but still will be interested to see how a different type of guard can lead this offense. Obviously upgrading the team’s over-all shot making will make any guard look better.

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Dunno what the team will look like next year, but KG is right, we need better and consistent shooters at the guard position. Our overall offense will be much better.

Nowell was talking trash to Isaiah Thomas

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