Now you talk about cool

I was at Drake airport today about 3PM. Didn’t work out for my reason to be there. Anyway the guy conducting my exam said I wonder what that Cowboy jet airplane is out side? I said I have no idea. I almost went and got my phone to take a Pic., but didn’t. The guys cousin was Bill Grill and I lived next door to him way back in the 70’s. Small world. My glasses actually had a screw fall out. We were both on the floor for 10 minutes and this other guy walked in and asked if we were praying together? LOL

Any way we all 3 had some small talk and I decided it was time to leave. I hit the door opener for my car outside and here came the sirens. 2 on bikes and a State Trooper.
Then 3 buses full of Hawgs. I grabbed my camera and headed that way. Got several pictures and several inside. It was Southern Eagle Aviation. There was a guy
standing watching very close. Looked like a coach. Anyway I asked if it was OK to take pictures? He said sure as long as I don’t post them on Twitter. I then said I do have a Twitter account
BUT had NO earthley idea how to post a Pic on Twitter. I talked to several players but didn’t have a clue who they were. I thanked them for being a Razorback and picking OUR school and good luck
against A&M. I said it’s our turn,
We’re going to WIN this one!!

BUT it made my day. I did text Clay the pictures and he was just about to his Hotel…
To bad I didn’t zoom in or had my other camera that on burst mode could have had a ton of pictures.WPS!!!
Maybe Clay can use one…LOL
SO anybody have a better story for the day???

All I know is my wife said your phone is blowing up with pics. I said that’s Mike with the Hogs.