Now what will really get me angry about today's game

A very similar final to the LSU game. After that game LSU’s net never moved and I think their bracketology actually improved. Now watch our net drop like a rock and our bracketology really take it on the chin and drop a couple of spots.

Just things I’ve come to expect for Arkansas and even though I expect it, it still p1sses me off.

For example…I got home in time to watch last part of Purdue, indiana… Purdue’s sits at 8 in the polls. I dont think they would win more than 1 or 2 of 5 on neutral court against the Hogs!


Hope we play them (or any Big 10 team) or Gonzaga in the Tourney. I agree with what you said in another post…I don’t care if we go one and done in Tampa. We’ll play much easier teams in the NCAA than we’ve been playing the last month.

Looking like Texas is about to jump back in front of us

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