Now what is the difference in

what Nate Oats did and what Muss did.

Same in my eyes.

They were both irate and animated, but we don’t know what was said by each. I suspect Muss used some pretty colorful language to get two technicals 5 seconds apart and an ejection.

Similar reaction but difference was that one was a one possession game and the other was a 15 pt margin at the time. You get a longer leash in a one possession game because the last thing the ref wants to do is call a T that might decide the outcome.

Plus Muss was much further out on the court so it was pretty much automatic at that point. Fairly obvious that he wanted the T and at that point probably wanted to get tossed

Muss wanted to be ejected

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Totally agree Muss wanted to be ejected.

Would have liked to have been ejected twice from a game like that.

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