Now we hope for 8-4

As a fan, that is all I know to do. I said earlier today that our game was a “must win” if one was determined to declare a game as such. And I stand by that. We have now lost the national darling narrative…and any chance at a truly “storybook”: season.

But…again…as a FAN, all I know to do is to just continue to hope. We could possibly beat Alabama…but let’s be real. THERE? It’s a remote possibility at best. But, Miss State and Missouri are very beatable…and LSU is no better than us (though we play there).

So I am hoping we get healthy…right the ship…and finish 8-4. Lose to LSU in Death Valley…7-5. Which feels like a disappointment given our start…but I would have taken 7-5 in a heartbeat back in August. 7-5 gets us a bowl and a guaranteed winning season.

So I am hoping for 8-4. There it is. But some things must happen.

  1. Gotta replace Catalon. That is going to keep the defensive staff up at night. Slusher played well today in run support. But we gave up not one but TWO bombs today. That can’t happen. But it did. A pass rush would help…which leads me to…
  2. Our defensive line has got to get healthy and show some of the form they showed against Texas and the Aggies. Some have pointed at the linebackers. But I don’t see that. The d-line hasn’t been winning upfront since the Aggie game. Harsh…but true.
  3. Warren has got to start catching balls or lose his spot. I love Devion. But my goodness he has dropped some major passes this year. Today’s wide-open drop was massive. He has never had good hands. he is quick as can be. elusive, and tough. But he’s got to CATCH the rock.
  4. Can we possibly get Wagner back? Clary had trouble today. He’s not a natural tackle.
  5. WE NEED SOME BREAKS. My GOD. I am so tired of officials screwing us. SO TIRED.

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