Now we can tell who REALLY is the fastest player on the field

Can there be any doubt that this technology will soon be used by college teams around the country? Then, the old “football speed vs. track speed” debate can be answered once and for all. … -fournette

Oh, how I’d love to have had this technology give DMac’s speed on this run:


I remember DMac breaking that one like it was yesterday. He blew by those Georgia Bulldogs like they were standing still. I said to myself…Uh oh, we got us a stud. He was the most exciting and best player I have ever seen as a football Razorback. We all have different views on this, but he gets my vote.

Wow . I remember that, but it has been awhile since we have seen it. That game was his coming out party. Would love to see another Razorback like that.

Somewhere on youTube is the Georgia radio call of that play and they were just as impressed.

Larry Munson, legendary play-by-play man for Georgia.


The DMac highlight I keep going back to is this one. Because of the crowd sound at about the 45 when they realize he’s gone:


I was there that day, and this could have been a bit of CBS playing with the crowd noise volume, but I’ve never heard a surge of sound like that in mid-play.

Who doesn’t love that clip, SF?

But I still maintain, for pure speed, the Georgia clip was DMac at his fastest. I love the way he splits two guys who have the angle on him.

Hillis, DMac, and Jones… as much talent as any backfield ever had at the college level. You had to be a complete coaching idiot not to win a SEC title with that kind of ability.

Had it not been for the eventual national champion being in the East that year, it probably would have happened. That Arkansas team had four losses, three to teams who won a BCS game. That was a really good team on both sides; probably Arkansas’ best since joining the SEC.

My recollection is that we didn’t have very many games where all three of them were healthy. Seems like Hillis had some nagging injury most of the season. Jones didn’t play against Ms St, the game before LSU. The LSU game may be the game that all three were pretty healthy.

McFadden also had the toe injury at the start of the year and he nursed lower-body injuries throughout the back half, like ankles and legs. I seem to remember he had an ankle injury in the Florida game.