Now we can hear questions from the press

What happened to finally make it clear to the staff that we should have microphones for questions to the coach? It’s so much more enjoyable to be able to hear what the questions are…why did it take so long? Much more professional job. Kudos to someone!

Yeah, it definitely improves the product. They did it after home football games last year, too.

Don’t have to crank up the sound to 80 any more to hear the question!

They did media day with a microphone on the top floor of the football complex.

The interviews are usually done in a small room downstairs.

Only the head coach and coordinators get behind the podium.

The player interviews are a free for all just standing around

I have asked for years to have microphones at the press conferences, but for football it is only done for media day and after the home football games. There still are no microphones for most of them. That’s not changing any time soon from what I can tell.

That’s too bad. Speakers back up to 80 on the questions (and quickly back down to 25 for the answers).

I don’t see there being microphones for the daily operation. And, for 95 percent of it, it’s not practical or possible. When they bring in five to six players and scatter them across the room – and that’s the only way it can be done without taking 90 minutes – then there will be no microphones. Much of it is a mass around one player, and there are times where you can wait until the end and get a one-on-one. I do that most of the time. I am not sharing my question (or the answer) with everyone else! So I don’t want that kind of a press conference situation. I don’t use a tape recorder or have a camera. I think those two things generally ruin an interview.

Clay is right about the best kind of interviewing for depth, which is what he is seeking. The on-camera opportunities with athletes don’t need dedicated microphones because usually the questions are hearable because of the tightness of the situations. The time a dedicated mic is needed is in CBB’s press conferences when the reporters are spread out in a room. CBB could help us all by simply repeating the question, but he’s not exactly worried about that and shouldn’t be. I’m just happy we can see his press conferences even if we have to turn up the volume sometimes–ha!

Well, darn. I understand about the difficulty in capturing player interviews…no problem with that. But there is no good excuse for not being able to hear the questions being asked of the coaches behind the podium. If the UofA, or any other organization pretends to care about its message, then providing a professional product should be important. If you can’t hear the darn question, you waste a heck of a lot of time trying to figure out what on God’s green earth the answer relates to. I suppose if you’re in the room you don’t care one way or another but the vast majority of people who will eventually view the videos are people like me who would appreciate the ability to fully understand the information.

Wasn’t a transcript posted by WHS for awhile of all the pressers or am I dreamin’ again? :wink:

Probably way too much trouble.