Now this is hawg ball

Everyone hustling. Hitting shots. Assists. Steals and rebounding. Of course the opponent is not playing defense but this is the way you crush a team. Good game hawgs

the opponent doesn’t even matter… slam dunks sell tickets!

Pretty fun, huh

40 points in the first 10 minutes of the second half. They could have smelted metal during that run. Days of yore. We own the first stanza of the second half. Hope it continues obviously.

The opponent was not a “bad” opponent. They gave IPFW all they wanted in a 103-99 loss. We only beat IPFW by 9. They weren’t playing defense in much of the 2nd half because they didn’t have any legs left. We pushed the tempo the entire game and wore them out. We can be a very good team when we handle the ball well and constantly push tempo.

Great team effort tonight.

And that was on only 48 hours rest. We played hursday night and play again Tuesday night. Will be interesting. But as many as CMA plays I think we have plenty of energy. My man Bailey is coming on. Can’t imagine him in 2 years. Macon still trying to figure out his role offensively. Defensively he is as solid as any. Trey looked much better but I suspect it’s a size deal. He’s still a heck of a passer. Barford seems to be figure out the penetrate and kick to the corner mover. He found CJ a few times on that. It was a fun game. DT is out X factor. That guy is unbelievable. He struggles a bit defensively with silly fouls but other than that he’s the piece we have never had under Mike, except for Qualls. I think overall DT is more consistent though and more well rounded. Exciting future.