Now that's how you wrap up Santos

Good for you that is a textbook tackle!!

I found it so ironic that of all our defensive players he made that tackle and the announcers went on and on about how good it was.

Maybe 1 of 5 text book tackles he’s had in 4 years.

He’s played a little better today. But, he still can’t tackle to save his life.

I agree about the past but I don’t worry about that he’s been perfect today

I wouldn’t say perfect, he had a good 2nd quarter.

There was a play in the first half that really got my blood hot because he took a horrible angle and looked to be running about half speed anyway, like he didn’t want to make the play.

he hasn’t missed a tackle today he has been perfect…I haven’t been a fan of his but will give him credit when he does what he supposed to do

The play wasn’t a missed tackle, it was a lack of the tackle and effort.

Santos has made some good tackles today.