Now that we locked 2500 posts

This morning my categories are showing 2000 football post to read and 550 basketballl posts to read. That’s how I usually can tell what someone has posted on or redsponded, how do I erase these without opening everyone?

The way I did it was click on the unread link on the main forums page. Then it will give a list of all the unread posts. At the top of the list on the right side, it says dismiss. Click on that and it pulls up a box that asks if you want to dismiss all of those stories that your following, click the box then hit dismiss. They will all go away, BUT make sure there isn’t any current topics at the top of the list you’re following or they’ll disappear too.

Thank you baked, been deleting for an hr total pain in the A$$

Thank you Baked, it was getting a bit tedious with certain people that kept wanting to resurrect threads that were older than Joe Biden!!


I’m not following what you are doing. Marty, a long time ago, advised me to just click on “latest” and those most current posts are listed chronologically, by minutes. Rarely do I have to scroll down past ten or so posts to keep current.

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Usually I only have couple couple numbers by these catagories that I haven’t read, then today as old threads got locked now I got 2500

I’m responsible for locking all of those old posts and I have more to do.

baked provided the way to dismiss all of those posts.

Sometime ago I fixed my settings so that I could see all unread posts, etc. I had the same problem when I did that. The dismiss option (at the bottom of both the new list and the unread list) has made life easier for me.

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Can u help me again find the dismiss button I can’t seem to find it, cause till today I’d never have more than 10 or 15 to read if I check it during the day now 2500

If you’re on your phone it won’t work. BUT if you’re on an ipad or computer, click on the unread link, that you have shown in your post above.

When that comes up, it’ll have all the unread posts, if you look just above the first post on the right hand side, you’ll see “dismiss.”

Click on the dismiss, a little box will pop up, check the box then hit the dismiss button. It will clear it.

BUT again, make sure the top posts aren’t newer posts, or it’ll dismiss those as well.

Aw I’m on my phone, I phone and always acces and read on my iPhone so I have to 1 by 1 erase these?

This is bs why can’t the mods erase old threads they don’t want dragged up? This will take me days

Don’t know, I can’t find the dismissed button on my iPhone, but it’s on my iPad.

So, Marty, Matt, Clay and ideas?

Like I say, the dismiss button isn’t here. I read the board all the time and the numbers for each catagory NEVER reach 10 I now have 3300 unread just today total bs

A shame the Ja Morant v Jalen Harris thread is now locked. It was an absolute heater.

The Dismiss function shows on my iPhone. You just must scroll to the bottom. It may be that you need to pause in your scrolling to allow the site to continue to load the unread posts.

Oh, and one more thing, you can view Unread posts on a single forum by going to the forum and then selecting Unread from the menu. That will reduce the number of posts to be reviewed.

Yeah, that’s what I did Marty, clicked on the unread. But it was doing the updating thing you were talking about, where you have to wait for them to load. I never got to the bottom (I’m impatient), I just did it on my iPad because the button is at the top.

Thanks for the help (and for locking all those threads)

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Yeah, I use my laptop and the scroll to the end key.

I do this

Speaking of getting locked, how long did you have to sit on the sidelines last year?