Now THAT was Hawgball!!

The thing about Hawgball is you have to have guts to run it because it’s unconventional and when it doesn’t work the coach is wide open for criticism from the basketball know-it-alls.

Something was different last night. It was like looking into the past - FINALLY! (Mike been talking to Nolan?)

GREAT ball movement, beating opp in transition, fast passing ball up court in transition (not dribble, dribble, dribble), quick shots before d gets set, scrambling/trapping on D, ragtag game at times, TAKING CHANCES both on O and D, playing loose and attacking.

That might not all seem positive but it’s Hawgball and it’s FUN TO WATCH. The coach just has to be willing to take the “street ball” criticism when it doesn’t work. Personally, I love it and hope Mike doesn’t back off.