Now that they have fired Long

…in my opinion that means they should NOT fire Bielema. At least not until they have an AD in place.

I have made it clear I think Bielema deserves another year. Most disagree. Fine. I think it takes longer to build a program when you inherit a disaster. I would like them to keep him until next year, THEN let him go if he doesn’t get results fro his young but talented roster.

I don’t get to decide that though. It is CLEAR to me, however, that now that they have pulled the trigger and fired long That they should not hire or fire ANYONE until an AD is in place. Or…you are inviting a real disaster.

I spoke with a real LR powerplayer today. Longtime friend. Has been on the BOT, and is a multiple term City Director of LR. He said there were some insider things that doomed Long. But he agreed that Bret was very popular until we lost the last two last year…and that things have really been bad for only one season (at least that he can be blamed for…). He also agreed you shouldn’t hire anyone until an AD is in place.

This could really get bad. It might be the best thing longterm. I don’t know the inside stuff…though I am now finding out alot. But short term-- the BOT and Chancellor better be very, very careful and on target. Or…meltdown.