Now that the NBA draft lottery is over did a mock draft for both rounds and has Dan Gafford going to the Sixers at #33 with a pick they got from Cleveland.

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So, if that becomes reality that would place Gafford as a second round pick and the 7th player at 6’10” or taller selected in the draft.
I realize that this is just one mock draft and he may find a team that values him over one of the other bigs taken ahead of him in the first round, but I doubt that he or those urging him to leave school early thought he would fall out of the first round.
I warned of this being a possibility in several posts and was dismissed by many on the site as a fan just wanting to see him stay at Arkansas to help our team.
Actually, I argued that I felt it would be in his best interest long term from a business point if he would’ve stayed and improved on his skill sets and therefore improving ultimately on his draft position.
Getting drafted in the 2nd round isn’t bad, but it’s much less guaranteed money and will make it much more difficult on him and easier on the team that drafts him to let him go if he doesn’t develop quickly enough to help their roster.
It’s all revisionist history at this point and I hope he can work his way into a 10 year or more NBA player, but all of the hype over him so early could also end up being a bad thing for his career and we will all see how it plays out together in real time.

Go Hogs!

Good post, Farris. Daniel has a lot of potential and plays hard, but he is still raw, in my view. He has little to no offensive skills and lacks strength. He could develop into a really fine player in the NBA, but he is not a sure thing. He might have been better served by staying another year, maybe not. Playing under Coach Musselman would have probably helped him learn to play the NBA game and enhanced his draft status, but we will never know.

We all wish the best for Daniel and hope he becomes the player we believe he can be. Good luck, big fella.

Who knows, but if Gafford was coming back, Mike may have been still here. If the team that was dominated by freshmen went to NIT and it was coming back intact, I am not sure a change would have been made.

Second round picks do not have to have any guaranteed money at all, but NBC Sports reported that some do get guarantees of a year or two of the minimum salary.which this year was $838,464 and will probably change a bit for 2019-20.