Now That Sounds Like a Baseball Game

I didn’t get to see it or hear it, but from what I read, that was a real Baseball game. A 2-0 score, and facing one over the min. is the way the game is suppose to be played. Keep that up, and they might do something very special.

It was a wonderful game. I’d have like more offense, but I came away really excited about the pitching performance. The only Memphis batter to get a hit got caught stealing to end the inning. The walked batsman was left stranded.

As good as Casey was, I thought Alberius was equally good in relief. He faced 6 & got 6 out.

I was impressed with the efficiency of the pitchers. That’s something we have seen a lot this year. Alberius needed 14 pitches to get six outs; Murphy needed 90 to get through seven innings.