Now that LSU out

Lets see how long they hold out on there cheating coach problem

Baton Rouge paper had a story on that the other day, basically that if Wade doesn’t come in to talk to Alleva soon the AD is gonna have to get rid of Wade regardless of what the NCAA may do. Wade wants to wait until he testifies in April. LSU may not be able to wait that long.

Wonder also how many off their team will declare for draft. Waters, Nazz, Mays maybe

Smart won’t be back! He will be ruled out for getting paid to play! The rest of them might as well declare for the NBA draft and move on.
LSU might as well go ahead and fire Wade. He lied to them and when the tape is played they will see just how stupid they were for allowing Smart to play. LSU will end up on probation when this is all over anyway!

I actually wonder about this. If they fire Wade, then make a run at some of the guys we are linked to (Sampson for instance), right now they have a better team, and his name may get them to stay. Maybe a better situation for him (or any other coach).