Now that it's over

Aside from the pain of the loss, today I feel sad & blue for a completely different reason: I’m just going to miss watching them play. Like every February there were names I’d never heard or seen. Knew nothing about them. But it didn’t take long for me to know all about them, to recognize them when they went to the plate, could see their faces & caps, and came to “know” all of them. I call each by his first name as if I’d known them their whole lives. Groaned at errors, hated losses, loved the wins, got ever more excited as the season continued and their success increased. Got all caught up in the prospects of hosting a regional & maybe a super regional. Shared the angst of the loss against SC in the second game of the super, jumped up & down as they dog-piled after the win the next game.

Then the nervousness to face the dreaded whorns in the first game of the CWS, then eventually having to face Springer & UF again. Then the euphoria of those wins & getting to the CWS finals. Then knowing our opponent would play at least one more game than we had to. I felt so strongly our rested pitching staff would beat their tired one, even though I hoped it’d be against MSU, with one less game to use pitchers.

I worried the rain delay would lessen our pitching advantage over an OSU team I knew was very good. (I’m convinced it did.) Then the first win: 1 away. We all know the rest.

But today I realize just how much I’ll miss going home & watching (or listening) to them play. If not on TV, on the live stream. I feel like the parent whose kid is leaving for college or moving off to another city.

In some ways this is worse. I know I’ll never really “see” Carson Shaddy, Blaine Knight or Luke Bonfield again. I know next year it’ll be a different team. One I’ll love just as much, but still different.

But right now, I just miss them.

Great post brother yes as a fan we go through many ups and downs and that’s just part of it some folks don’t understand that but I certainly do. We live and die with every play they make and to me it’s fun can be frustrating but I still love it. I guess when you coach as long as I did it will never be out of your system can’t wait to next February to see how the new guys and hopefully fill in for the many guys that we lost I have no doubt they can may take some time but I believe they will be good.

I drove from Omaha to Paragould through the night. I’m still hurting. I think this was my favorite Hog baseball team ever. Oh, what should have been.

I don’t think I know this was the best Razorback team I have ever seen.

Words of wisdom, from Dave. I’m good, I feel bad for the kids, Norm (that’s when I think a lump started in Dave’s throat) and for the fans. First Class. Best season I have ever seen.


What a great post
We all feel the sting of the loss
We need to celebrate the great players and great games
We will look back and remember this was a sesason for the ages

One of our favorite Hog teams ever, my wife became a die-hard baseball fan because of this Razorback team. I have been beyond
help since watching the Hogs win 10-7 over Nebraska on January 1, 1965. If they wear that Razorback, that’s all I need to know.

This team is SPECIAL. We could immediately identify all the
players. Shaddy’s exuberance was electric and had us jumping
up and down like we did fifty years ago.

This is the beginning of an even greater rise in prominence
in college baseball for The University of Arkansas.

I’ll miss the team as well. Last year’s 3 a.m. victory over Missouri State (and I watched every pitch of that game to the conclusion) got me started watching baseball from the get-go this season. In the past I would have waited until the SEC play began but not this year. July and August are going to be bare without watching Hog sports. It was a great year that ended on a down note, but it was that way for every team except one. We’ve got a great coach who deserves to be praised and to have a contract extension. Next year’s team will have a difficult time matching the excitement this year’s team gave us.

My Daughter went into my 6 year old granddaughter’s room the other morning. She was already awake and had found a replay of game 1. My daughter asked her what she thought she was doing and my grand daughter replied I am watching the razorbacks and momma were winning. She spent the night at my house game 3 and was right by my side watching the last game. She really got into this team. Made granddad so proud of my little razorback fan.

That makes everything so worthwhile… a great story.

I am learning to appreciate the joy in the journey, not just the destination.