Now that it's out

Guard Tyson Jolly of Trinity Valley is the kid I was talking about on Friday that TJ has seen. He started off at Baylor before going JC.

He averaging 22 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists a game.

I have heard good things about this kid. I also understand he is very interested in Arkansas. This could really shore up the backcourt next year.

Do you know anything about his free throw shooting %? His production shows he can score and apparently he plans defense by seeing the rebounds. I sure hope he signs. Man we need the threat on the floor to help Joe and Jones.

Here’s his stats: … tyson_b3c1

Stats say he’s playing 4.9 minutes per game. Now that’s production! :lol:

(But it does bring the accuracy of the rest of the stats into question at least for me.)

For some reason all the JUCO stats have the MPG weird. Saw a kid the other day The averaged like 15 PPG, supposedly averaged 351 PP40. Ummmmm…