Now that it's all over

What is the scoop on Javon Baker?

What went on during there visit that caused all the veiled comments from all of the recruiting guys?

And can we start a QA thread so you can answer all the other juicy questions?


you’ll what to title the thread true/false to get that started.

You can say the visit didn’t go well because Baker was never coming.

Sorry, I was on the road most of the day. I was in the office last night so I’m just seeing some of these.

Sure fire away.

I was looking for some info on what he did or said. Several of the recruiting guys intimated it was not very pleasant. The recruiting session is over and he’s signed to Alabama.

Was it attitude or something he said?

You could say his attitude.
Just wasn’t a good fit.

Hey Richard any good TE rumors/facts? lol

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