Now that is good basketball

By osu. Faster pace than us. Sharing the ball. Cuts, passes. I’m impressed with their coach. You don’t have to press and double team to have a fast paced game. And they have created turnovers. They are clearly a better basketball team than us. We might win one out of ten against them if we got lucky one game. Out coached today for sure. Would be nice to see this type of basketball in Fayetteville.


Put a good spin on this one

LOL! You do realize this same OSU team lost to Texas and started conference play 0-6 right? OK-State having a good night, we’re having a bad night, simple as that. I never get how some people base an entire season of off one game. As somebody that has watched several OSU games this year, I can tell you this is by far their best performance, they have been blowing leads and playing horrible defense all season long. They were at one point last in the NATION in fouling and allowing teams to get to the line. There has been much better basketball in Fayetteville this year.

All I know is what I see. I don’t think the selection committee will see anything but the game I saw. What I saw was a rout. I did see some good basketball. Unfortunately it was not by us. Reminded me of the rout Iowa state put on us. Yeah we are 16 and 5 and congrats for that. But none of it was a thing of beauty like osu put on us today. Thank goodness osu wasn’t that good as you say. They might have beat us by 50.

WE will never be consistent under Mike Anderson. Is it the system or the lack of quality coaching?

LOL, do you not watch much college basketball or just trolling?

Good teams get blown out on the road ALL the time. It doesn’t make or break a season. Georgia Tech got blew out by 53 points against Duke and has just beat two top 15 teams in the nation back to back. You even gave an example of when we get blew out by Iowa State a couple of years and ended the season ranked #21 with a 27-9 record. Teams don’t show up some nights, it happens, even at the professional level.

Just saw we lost. Don’t even know the score. Had a great afternoon doing absolutely nothing. Glad I didn’t watch the game & let it drag me down.

If you recrorded it, just fast forward to the second half. We played better

Ya he can’t win! Run him out of town LOL

No spin. I posted my thoughts. It was very ugly and there’s no excuse for the defensive effort. They were awful, today.

That’s the difference in me and posters like you. I’m not a one trick pony. If they deserve praise I give it. If they’re awful, I say it. If they’re somewhere in between, which is usually the case, I say that, too.

It’s just hilarious to see grown men get on here and make such wild, sweeping, over-the-top statements after one beatdown.

It was a terrible game. Terrible effort on both ends.

OK St is a good team that is 13-8, 2-6, 8th place B12.

Yes, they destroyed us today. No excuses. Give them credit. If we were just looking at today, it would be hard to imagine us doing well against them. But, they also lost at Tx and to KState and Iowa St at Stillwater.

Ia St just got drilled on the same floor we won on at Vandy 4 days ago.

It’s college basketball. It happens.

It’s not OK and I’m not happy about it. But, I also understand it’s one, non conference road game 2/3rds of the way into what, despite all the vitriol, has thus far been a very solid season.

Mike is doing as good as should be expected. Arkansas is a small state with a below average recruiting base and Fayetteville is not an attractive location for young athletes: it is freezing cold in the winter and lacks the excitement of much larger cities. Therefore, even in a good year, it is not likely that our recruits will rank in the top half of the SEC.

Arkansas had the worst performance by far in the SEC-Big 12 gathering. Oklahoma State wasn’t even close to the best team in the Big 12. It wasn’t just a “good day” for them. They were prepared for what Arkansas does, and the Razorbacks went into the game oblivious about what Oklahoma State does - good or bad. What kind of coach does that to his team? Over and over?

I remember hearing all of this same grip when NR was the coach before and after we won a NC. The system, the coach, the players, etc all sucked when we lost and we lost big sometimes on the way to a final 4 or better.
Yawn, if you follow basketball at all and look around Kentucky gets beat by Tenn, Duke gets beat by low tier team, and others, but if we get beat and have a 16-5 record still we are terrible and have a terrible system, coach, players.
What’s terrible is some so called Fans.
Again Yawn


What’s terrible is our defense. It is the worst defensive team Arkansas has had since it became a successful men’s basketball school in the 1970s. How can this team be worse on defense than last year’s team, which started Anthlon Bell and Dusty Hannahs at the guards? How?

Maybe they spent the off season with the football defense…

No way the D is worse than last year! The only way that is true is if you say Moses is way worse at D this year. Because Dusty is still Dusty, Manny is better than last year, Macon and Barford are way better than Bell and no worse than Durham at D, Anton is maybe our best defender and he’s playing the whole year,

Who was the difference maker last year? Jimmy Whit? Keaton Miles? LOL

And we lost half our games last year. SMH

There is some truth to what you say. Nolan didn’t help that perception at times by saying things like (and no this isn’t an exact quote) “we don’t prepare for what they are going to do, we prepare for how we want to play” (probably butchered even the concept, but I tired). It turns out that wasn’t the case. We did practice for what other teams were doing. But honestly a fan reading the sports pages isn’t going to know that.

I am guilty at times of “spouting off” after a loss. ESPECIALLY if the loss plays into concerns I already have. People aren’t necessarily basing their opinions on one game. It is that they already had concerns about something and then those very concerns showed up majorly in a game. OF COURSE they are going to think “ah ha.”

I do wish people on both sides of issues would stop the “your not a real fan” crap. Were those who wanted Heath gone “real fans?” What about those who wanted him to stay? People can have a difference in opinion about what is best, a strong disagreement, and still BOTH be “real fans.” And yes, while I try hard not to do that with people I disagree with on here, I am sure I have done it too. Doesn’t make it right.

Worse on defense than Nolan’s first two teams? Hardly. I covered those teams and, because what Nolan was teaching was so foreign to guys who had played Eddie Ball, the Hogs were clueless most of the time. I covered a game in which Arkansas blew a 5-point lead with 17 seconds to go, and that was before the three-point line. Complete defensive collapse in the final seconds — in Barnhill, no less. I can’t say this is a good defensive team, but those early Nolan teams were atrocious on defense, far worse than what we say Saturday (and that was bad).

Guess you missed OU getting beat by 30 at home by Florida Saturday. I’m pretty sure OU basketball fans — both of them — think they played worse than we did.