Now SECN disrespects Campbell...

Just put up a photo of the two starting pitchers…

And the pic of Campbell was not him.


Expect that out of the LSU and Tenn homers! I can’t believe we are the visitor.
I thought we were the home team.

Phil explained the home team decision. The final decision was based on which team had the most wins in conference: 21 for UGA vs. 20 for the Hogs.

We don’t have a chance.

Uga is just too good. :roll: :roll:

Well that makes no sense…
Why do they have seedings then ignore it for home team?

Agree. Home team was big advantage for UGA today.

That must be a change from years past!

If you’re talking about the pic just before the game started, I believe that was Campbell. Just before the facial hair, likely a little extra winter weight, and no glasses.

Yeah - I thought it was a freshman pic. Four years in a good weight program and facial hair can make a big difference at age 17 to 21.

The question is - why? Why not use a current picture???