Now on to game 3 to try to avoid the sweep

That passed ball was a killer just when I thought we got the bailout. Now a 3 run deficit. We’re not hitting well enough to get 3+ runs in the 9th. Sucks.

thing about it that is the easiest ball in the world to block.he never closed up the hole!

Well, we battled, but just dug ourselves too big a hole. How disappointing. I just hope we can win the third game. MSU has our number right now.

is the one killing them. Terrible approach at the plate. He was made to look silly on 3 offspeed pitches in the last at bat and never adjusted. He was going to drop and drive no matter what. The only thing I’ll say in his defense is the 1-0 pitch wasn’t close and it was called a strike. That certainly changes an at bat.

He also gives up a ton of wild pitches that should be blocked and is very slow on the base paths. He looks tired. I’ll be surprised if he catches game 2 of the DH.

This team has Omaha and therefore NC potential but if they continue to get very little from Koch, Biggers and Bonfield they won’t be a national seed and at that point it’s a crapshoot.

exactly right PIG horrible approach by a lot of our hitters we just need a line drive hit,stop trying to hit it a mile.

You called that. Opitz in the lineup. I think you’re right about him. It’s tough to catch as many times as he has. I think I’d let Opitz catch in one if not both games against TT.